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This forum Is to Talk about FTA Receivers Tips science,Wifi,getting stuff for free  To Help Each other with Free TV And Keep or Free Speach and they will Not Take that away


We are looking to build a community to talk about science projects,science fair Fta Receivers,Bins ,Iks,

And anything to Save Money If its Solar, Tips Hacking, Wifi,  love free Info and Iknow others do to

so Plese do share anything just keep it Free Speach!!

   Know one In My Book and I stand By this 100% has the right to shout Down any website its Not on any Land,its in siber space, The Goverment Does Not Own any web, or website, and Know website is in any country,

    And i belive this Has to do with sales, Im saling on the internet not in USA or a State.   It would Be like me setting up a web Store or website in  Outer Space or the Moon Or Mars  and the Great Usa Goverment and State would Try to Get Taxes Or Shout Down A website,  That  Again Is Not On Any Land Its the Web..  


    We the People found A way to sell and Have freedom and the Goverment still steps in..  And all this was Passed By a Democrat  To Make a name Look at what i Came up with..   Not Going to Work !


 If you Have something to share on this  Have Fun !


 publicly sources under the same protections of Free Speech governed under the Laws of the U.S. is for information use only.The distribution of said information is considered a form of free speech. I do not advocate the illegal use of
Ansuch information under the U.S. Laws. All info is for sharing and  Education what you do with it is up to you all free speach

 Note: Just becouse one has info or a file,or Bin does Not say anything of Breaking a Made up Law,   




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